Disney Worker Sacked Over CBD She Purchased

According to crowdsourced user reports found at DidCBDWork.com, a growing number of people suffering various conditions, including arthritis, ADHD and anxiety, have found relief through regular use of Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD. Therefore, it is not surprising that Walt Disney World bartender Kathy Talafous began to rely on CBD to battle plaguing foot pain and continued the regimen, since it was helping. She never considered it would result in her being fired.

As someone who had loved Disney for ages, Kathy has been happy to be gainfully employed at the iconic park as a server for close to a year. However, this April, it was a CBD discovery in her purse that led to her being fired. She has stated that it is the type with virtually no THC and for medical use. It does not and is not intended to, make users feel high.

Security stopped her at Epcot’s gate when she was there as a guest and not as an employee. The security staff member confronted her and allegedly said, “You can’t have this, it’s illegal.”

Talfous immediately defended herself, as the over-the-counter CBD purchase was made at a local store and was used to treat her pain. Despite the fact that incident reports from Disney claim Kathy’s substance tested positive for THC, she has produced documents, including one from the sheriff, that state her oil was never tested.

Initially, she was suspended from work, but she recently found out that Disney has officially let her go, and her employment terminated. Kathy claims to be running out of money and desperate to regain her position at the renowned tourist destination. Kathy told her local NBC affiliate, “Now here I am losing my job because of something I bought at a supermarket.” Her union says there is a chance she will get her job back, but it would be a long process with no guarantee.

This is not the first time a well-meaning woman has found herself in hot water over the possession of CBD in public. Around the same time as Kathy’s suspension, a grandmother from South Carolina was arrested for having CBD oil with her when she visited the Magic Kingdom. The case was soon dropped by the state attorney, and the woman plans to sue both the sheriff’s office and Disney. She never broke the law.

Unfortunately, there will be more cases like this in the news until a greater awareness about CBD and its merits exist. Entities such as DidCBDWork provide solid evidence of the benefits and seek to educate the masses about how significant a difference CBD is making in the lives of a long list of consistent users. Hopefully, this will help workers know their rights within the workplace, and employers will be more educated about the health benefits of CBD products, and not treat it like a drug, like marijuana.